“SEDCo envisions a world in which the model of social enterprise is achieving the potential it has to benefit society, the economy and the environment.”

Our Mission

is to transform Ireland into a country in which social enterprise is achieving its potential, by empowering a community of people and organisations who are committed to using entrepreneurship as a means of overcoming our biggest challenges.

Our Approach

is to apply business solutions to social problems. If we’re serious about overcoming our major challenges then we need to free ourselves from existing paradigms. To solve social problems we need to embrace creativity, ambition and the challenge of coming up with new models.

Our Model

is social business. A form of enterprise that fuses the best of two world’s, social & business. A social business functions almost exactly like a standard business, the difference is that a social business exists to solve a social problem, not maximise profits. Any profits a social business makes are re-invested in solving the problem. For more information visit www.muhammadyunus.org

Our Operations

consist of building businesses that solve social problems.

We’re an open house that welcomes and supports anybody interested in social enterprise. We also offer support to existing entrepreneurs and formal incubation programs for those wanting to start new initiatives. The support takes the form of advice, office space and other tangible help. However, the most beneficial support is the support of like-minded peers.


We have opportunities across tech, marketing, event-management, research and other industries. If you’re passionate about social enterprise or if you’re just looking for something fun to do, drop us a line.


If you already have an idea or an established enterprise we can help your team take it to the next level. We offer free expertise, advice, resources, help incorporating and a supportive community of like-minded people.


Interested in using your CSR budget to have serious impact? Or maybe you’d like to turn your enterprise into a social business! Whatever has sparked your interest, we’d love to have a conversation about it.


We work with some of Ireland’s largest charities to help them generate more income through commercial social enterprise. If you want to know more, contact us!


SEDCo has won the support of numerous philanthropic organisations. We’re serious about solving social problems. If you are too,
let’s talk.

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