House Of AKI-NA

05 Aug House Of AKI-NA

House of AKI-NA is a fashion business with a simple motto, look good, do good.


The company designs and manufactures men’s fashion accessories that are inspired by African culture and heritage. They infuse the very best traditional fabrics with contemporary design to create beautiful and enduring products. More importantly, the company uses its profits to run training and educational courses for people living in direct provision centres. The Irish asylum system is one the harshest in Europe and by empowering people who have sought refuge in Ireland AKI-NA is helping to turn the Irish asylum system in to what it should be: a positive and empowering experience that succeeds in integrating new communities and brings value to Irish society.


AKI-NA’s first line of accessories, bow-ties and pocket squares, launched in Spring. All of the company’s products are hand-made in Ireland.


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